Hopster Club

Beer of the Month Launch

So you lust after a case of finely designed and hand-crafted beers and ciders? Every month? With something special to tweak your taste buds that only you and a select few get to enjoy? And at a wee discount, too?

Garagista can fulfil your all your boutique beer desires, dear Hopster.

Finalimento, we launch the Garagista Beer of the Month club.

In a nutshell, every month you will receive:

·         A case of 24 bottles of assorted Garagista beer and cider

·         At least one exclusive, reserve or limited-edition brew, sometimes more, to savour and vote for

In addition, don’t forget you’re also entitled to use:

·         The brewery for private functions (subject to availability and our license constraints)

·         The outdoor dispensing equipment at reduced BoM Hopster rates (subject to availability)

·         Special prices on our branded merchandise

All this at the special monthly price of just R800-00 per case, delivered to your door.

Some pedantry (yes, even Garagista is afflicted by the odd bout of dull nit-picking)

·         Prices include delivery. If you want to collect your beer at the brewery we’ll talk discount

·         We reserve the right to limit quantities

·         Failure to pay for your beer will lead to it being treated as an orphan and being offered to a foster home

·         Wives and girlfriends will not be bartered for beer. And forget mothers-in-law.

We have only 50 slots available. Yes, you heard right, at launch there are only 50 cases of beer for the Beer of the Month club. 

We are inviting applications now for these first 50 places. We will adjudicate, and offer 50 lucky people a spot. Should they not pay timeously their slot will be offered to the next person on the waiting list. Bribes will be considered normal in the new South Africa.

Please click through to this link, to reserve your membership of the Garagista Hopster Club.

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